Automation Setup

Iron's “Automation” feature allows you to easily change the video background of the “Iron” page layout and the 3 text elements that lay on top of the video background.

Video Background URL
To change the video background on the "Iron" page layout, add the URL of a video to the input box below. You can use the URL of a video hosted on another server, or upload a video to your Weebly site by going to “Theme>Edit HTML/CSS>ASSETS>Videos”, click the gear icon, and then select “Upload File(s)...” to upload a video from your hard drive (e.g., /files/theme/videos/paint.mp4). The video format must end with “.mp4” and make sure to set the Theme Option "Video" to "Custom" to use your own video.
Video Background Text Input
To change the text that appears on top of the video background, add your text to the input boxes below.
"The buildings we create inspire us & reflect who we are as a society."
“Create with the heart; build with the mind.”
“Construction is the art of making a meaningful whole out of many parts."

Note: You can hide this box under "Theme>Theme Options>Automation [Editor Only]".

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